All in at Kinetic

Kinetic is changing the name of their internal organization, therefore it was needed a new way of communicating to employees. It was created ‘All in at Kinetic’ a fresh and informal organization made by people and for people. 


Branding, Typography









This project was created in-house in the marketing department.

Team difference now becomes ‘All in Kinetic’. An organization made by Kinetic employees and for them. Due to the change of the name, it has been created a new brand identity and language, that pairs with Kinetic but with a more social and informal tone.

‘All it Kinetic’ has a bespoke typeface that will be used to create a distinguished tone from Kinetic corporate tone. It has been designed with the idea of group or social collaboration, these are why it has different stripes as joint efforts of Kinetic people to make happen ‘All in Kinetic’ and their activities.

Kinetic all in logo