Gas Natural: Flat rate

Art direction as a freelance for lacream and the international advertising agency Ogilvy&Matter.
Redesign of 3 spots in Stop Motion technique explaining the new flat rate of Gas Natural Fenosa, with a visual and fresh style, using colors, patterns, and unanimated objects.


Art direction, production assistant








Lacream needs an art director to define a style of the campaign, rethink the storyboard and help with the direction of 3 stop motion videos to post on social media. The first idea coming from the agency, it was too expensive to produce and it was not bringing the playful and innocent message that the campaign needed. For that reason, we thought it would be better to base all scenes in unanimated objects as the character of the storytelling. They wanted a trendy and very colourful approach, and based on different references we agreed, I redesign the storyboard basing a colour palette from the brand guidelines of Gas Natural. I also assist with the different visual decision during the set and I designed and produce some props for the shooting: 3d paper house, calendar, glasses, ice cream.


Moodboard references

Gas natural moodboard

Colour palette of all sets

Colour palette

Original storyboard (from the agency)

Storyboard 1 Storyboard 2 Storyboard 3 Storyboard 4

Redesigned storyboard

Final spot

Assisting professional stop motion designers on the set.