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Hola! my name is Sonia Vivo. I am a Spanish designer based in London. I am a hybrid integrated designer specialized in branding and motion design.


My statement

As a designer, I like to solve problems and daily challenges, either conceptual or technicals. I have an analytical, human, and strategic approach. For me context, function, and visual appealing are essential.

“When it comes to my work, I like to define myself as a Problem solver. I use design as a tool for research, identify needs and opportunities. Therefore to innovate, communicate, and make a better world”.

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At work

I am serious, focused, direct, and empathetic. But also friendly, with good humor, a big smile, and enthusiasm.

I am looking to use my 4 years of experience in Design and Advertising to create remindful brand stories. Collaborate daily with creatives, and learn from challenges and clients daily.

Looking forward to challenges in a permanent or freelance role.

Outside work

I recharge my creative mind, body, and soul by learning new things and exercising. I am currently learning: how to sing, tap dancing, sewing, and tuning my skills in animation.

When I am outdoors, I like exploring London with my bike and visiting art galleries.