Natwest Rooster Money


Natwest Rooster Money


Fintech, Children


Motion graphics & Art director


Social Media Paid Ad

Rooster Money makes pocket money and chores made fun, easy, and educational for children. The Natwest kid’s fintech company needed to create new paid social ads with the goal of explaining different ways to use their product to their current and new customers.
Working with the marketing team, I created the concepts, storyboard, design, and animation of 4 videos (full-process).

Notification feature

Goal: Show the feature that sends notifications to parents to be aware of kids spending.

Notification feature – Styleframes

Brand logo animation.
Text transition in.
The illustration appears from the right. The text is highlighted from white to yellow.
Transition cut. Squiggle animates in, left to right.
Transition cut. Money is selected. Text is moving down, and the button is selected as clicking.
The card falls on top. A graphic expression appears from
the card as a reaction.
The card moves to the left. We are transitioning to the next style frame. Text is under.
Text animates in.
The squiggle path is animated as creating a circle (clockwise)
Text animation in.
A notification appears on top of the text.
Notification moves up disappearing (transparency).
Sound: Pop
Text animation in. Buttons App/Play store appears (opacity).
Brand logo animation.


Marketing managers

Atali Gonzalez
Robyn Roxburgh

Design director

Yat-Hong Chow


Sonia Vivo Sarria


Sonia Vivo Sarria