Sonia Vivo Portfolio

This Concerns You 2019

This Concerns You is a yearly event, hosted in the media agency Kinetic, celebrating the innovation of OOH. The theme of this year’s edition was “5G: OOH, technology, mobile and the future of advertising”. This project was created in-house in the Marketing department.
I created a unique dynamic brand identity that is constantly changing with random parameters.











This project was created in-house in the marketing department. My role was to create a unique brand identity for the event and all communication material needed for the pre-launched, the venue and post promotion.


Design process

1) Briefing: There is a need for an event creation.

2) Definition: Establishing 5 keywords with the Marketing team, timings, and assets needed.

3) Research + ideas: Creation of a moodboard with keywords, and first drafts

4) Identity development: Style tile/creation of brand guidelines

5) Design applications: social media content, program, newsletter, DOOH 6-sheet ad, deck templates for speakers, photography style definition. Animation of logotypes





From the words: Innovation, movement, digital and connectivity. I researched how to visualized 5G and which is the visual reference that there are nowadays. I could find that speed, transfer, futurism, energy, connectivity, Bluetooth was visual references. From that, I define that 5G should be seen as an organism that can create shapes, letters and grow fast and be light. That’s why I create a brand identity from typography created with dots (electricity/energy). And it has movement and it’s rapidly evolving into other shapes.

Moodboard TCY19

I developed a complex motion identity using a random parameter, so the typeface is never the same. I applied a script to each letter that randomizes the movement of each particle but at the same time with slide controllers, you can edit different common parameters: speed/density or distance between dots/dot sizing. There are 4 sizes of dots: XXL, XL, L, and S. Each letter is editable and has independent movement. Additionally, it was added a lighting effect as a detail in a specific particle.


From that, I decided to use dark blue as a brand color that symbolizes technology. And I create all assets needed for the event.

TCY19 Digital invitation