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Social Media Paid Ad

Lloyd’s Direct is an NHS prescriptions delivery service without the hassle.

Challenge: Product awareness + Convertion

The team at Lloyd’s Direct needed to explain what do they do and attract new patients that might not know the service. To do so they want it to use Social Media paid ads. They had an animation system and they have done explainers videos before, but they have never done social media paid ads. They needed help summarizing business goals visually and creating dedicated marketing paid ads videos.

Solution: 4 paid ads

We created an ad structure, following Lloyd’s direct brand and animation language. And created 4 campaigns focusing on different goals: app demo (01), overview (02), pillback (03), service feature loops (04), and made simple (05).

For each campaign, we created all social media formats (1:1, 4:5, 16:9) to promote it on Facebook, like Youtube and Instagram.

1) App demo

What they need:
Snackable content to show what the LloydsDirect patient in-app experience is like.

Why is important:
Greater visibility on the product flows that are currently only available on download & order.

12-second video explaining in 3 simple and quick steps, how to order medicines online with Lloyd’s Direct.
We created one format with an intro and another without 9 seconds.

‘App demo’, 16:9 format (Youtube)

‘App demo’, 4:5 format (Instagram, Facebook)

‘App demo’, 1:1 format (Instagram, Facebook)



App demo, storyboard with style frames, 1:1 format

2) Overview

What they need:
Use our app store creative to demo how the service works at a glance using our existing assets.

Why is important:
We have some really vibrant photography but haven’t found time/ways to bring it to life in motion.

12-second video explaining how the service works repurposing app store creative.

‘Overview’, 4:5 format (Instagram, Facebook)

‘Overview’, 1:1 format (Instagram, Facebook)


2) Pillsback – ‘Before/after’

What they need:
The goal is to refresh one of their best performance ads. Aligning it closer to their current rebranding and showing their UI.

Why is important:
Continous brand experience similar to their website, product, and TV campaigns.

14-second video narrating a customer journey from not having pills to ordering.

‘Pillsback’, 16:9 format (Youtube)

‘Pillsback’, 4:5 format (Instagram, Facebook)

‘Pillsback’, 1:1 format (Instagram, Facebook)



App demo, storyboard with style frames, 1:1 format


Design Director

Andy Ainger (Lloyd’s)

Creative Lead

Zac Davidson(Lloyd’s)

Content Designer

Bethan Jones(Lloyd’s)

Marketing Exec

Charlotte Miller(Lloyd’s)


Sonia Vivo Sarria


Laura Alejo


Sonia Vivo Sarria


Sonia is a great animator and problem solver who works tirelessly to bring your ideas to life in a collaborative way. Her positivity and attention to detail shines through bringing bags of energy and passion to projects which means making nice work is simple and easy to achieve together. Despite it being a short project, she fitted in really well into the design team and was praised by lots of Senior stakeholders across LloydsDirect for her amazing work. Sonia is a 5-star freelancer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

Zac Davidson – Design Lead, Lloyd’s Direct